St. John’s Guitar Repair and Setup

As a professional musician I want my instruments to sound and feel as best as they possibly can. When instruments are setup perfectly they help musicians get their musical ideas from a thought to the final sound. When they have poor setup, instruments will add unwanted struggles to the creative process.  Perfectly setup instruments will quickly become an extension of the musician’s mind and together they can create many beautiful things.

After perfecting my own guitars I was soon asked to do work for other musician friends, band mates, and students. This would often start with other musicians playing my guitar and asking who did the work, me then working on their instruments, and them finally being happy with how their instrument would sound and feel. I’ve learned through this process that every instrument has a setup it prefers and every player has a setup that they prefer, the trick to the perfect setup is to find the common ground between the two! I’ve recently been doing work for many bands and musicians in and around St. John’s.

Services Offered:

Full setup of all electric and acoustic stringed instruments
Electronics (Pickup replace, wiring modifications, Pot, Jacks, switches, etc)
Nut and Saddle repair/replace
Fret Work
Acoustic Bridge repair/replace