St. John’s Music Lessons

The Guitarist Woodshed is the name of my lesson studio located in the city of St. John’s. Students at the Guitarist Woodshed range from beginners to professional musicians. Lessons can range from basic theory and motor skills needed to play music, to improvising and composition, right up to exploring more personal forms of musical expression and exploration. My concepts have been developed through years of study both as a music performance major at St.FX University and as a private student of some of the world’s top musicians and educators. These extraordinary mentors include people such as pianist Dave Restivo, drummer Jerry Granelli, slide guitarist David Tronzo, trumpeter Dave Douglas, and my biggest influence,  guitarist Mick Goodrick.

All lessons take place in my home studio which is a very dear space to me. This is the place I practice, write, listen, rehearse, and teach music. I love being a student and teacher of music. My musical peers and students are constantly inspiring me to be better on my own musical quest. As long as I keep learning and pushing my own personal boundaries I believe that I will be inspired to listen, play, teach, and live through the music I love. In lessons I aim to show students how to begin their own relationship with music. I share the things I’ve learned about the language of music and the most efficient ways of becoming fluent on your instrument. In the Guitarist Woodshed we are constantly trying to find out what music as a form of art and expression means to us all along the way trying to discover what we mean to it. Enough about us now, stop reading and go listen, play, and explore! Happy Shedding!